Southern Picker Antiques is a website for Southern Picker Antiques, LLC. We are located in Darien, GA, between Savannah, GA and Jacksonville, FL. James Allen is an author and picker. He buys and sells historical ephemora, antiques, art, and collectibles primarily from the southeast United States.

We’re antique dealers, passionate ‘pickers’, deeply engaged in the trade of antiques, collectibles, historical documents, and memorabilia. With a keen eye and vast knowledge, we specialize in acquiring handmade crafts and artwork distinguished by their unique designs, creativity, and craftsmanship. Our interests also extend to antiques and historical artifacts reflecting American history. We eagerly seek out photographs, photo albums, letters, correspondence, and maps that offer insights into life across various historical periods—be it times of war or peace, prosperity or adversity. If you have items you want to sell, we’d like the opportunity to earn your business.